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Trailer Video Update

~30 April, 2004~

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, the second half of the season has happened without trailer videos appearing. This has been due to an unfortunate lack of time on my part, thanks to Real Life interruptions. I am truly sorry that this has been the case, but it's been a conscious decision on my part to make sure the episodes themselves appeared correctly on the designated dates since they are the main important part of this series, and to catch up on the trailers when I am able. Many of the trailers are in fact half completed.

The trailers will still appear, as soon as I can possibly manage it! It will be my aim to get them all up before the season finale this coming May 7th.

Again, I apologise to you all, particularly the authors of those episodes in the second half of the season.

The moral of this story, if there indeed is one, would most likely be that you should not take on projects such as this in your final year of university! That said, I would do it again. :-)